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Construction Checklist — The Makings of a Modern Office Building

Construction Checklist — The Makings of a Modern Office Building

As you embark on constructing or renovating a modern office building for your company, see if it checks off a few things on this list.

Commercial construction of office buildings has been around for generations. Yet, a modern office building will look and feel very different from those that may have been made only a decade — or even fewer years — earlier. A significant reason for that is because the way the workplace works has changed drastically. As you embark on constructing or renovating a modern office building for your company, see if it checks off a few things on this list.

Natural Lighting

Natural light is always something one should try to incorporate as much as possible into a modern office building. Old-school fluorescent lights won’t cut it anymore. Instead, office builders complete their projects with large windows, skylights, and even glass interiors to invite natural light into every corner of the office. Natural lighting boosts employees’ mood, creativity, and productivity, and is a welcoming touch to your clients and visitors.

Inviting Lobby

Speaking of welcoming, every modern office building greets visitors with an inviting lobby with a fresh design. After all, the reception area makes the first impression on guests and clients, so businesses definitely need their modern lobbies to make the right statement. The best lobbies are usually kept open for comfort and calm while being organized and efficient to put forth a professional presentation. This is also a great place to show off some company branding!

Flexible Layout

Modern office interiors take many forms, but one would hardly call any of them a sea of desks or cubicle farms anymore. Open office concepts have become quite popular, yet this isn’t the only option for many businesses. Instead, office buildings lend themselves to a balance of open and closed spaces, making it flexible for any organization to adapt their surroundings to their needs. Therefore, there’s enough space for collaborative work and more private concentration for everyone.

Casual Meeting Rooms

While every modern office building still utilizes conference rooms, more of the meeting spaces are designed to feel casual and conducive to impromptu group sessions. More conference rooms and meeting spaces facilitate collaboration than just presentation. The variety of meeting rooms should be dressed up with fun decor and useful equipment. A bland room will hardly help your team get those creative, problem-solving ideas flowing.

Break Spaces and Break Rooms

When modern employees work hard, they need to play hard too. Or at least, they deserve actually refreshing and restful breaks. Creating spacious break areas for your workers helps alleviate stress and could encourage them to return to their work with a fresh perspective. Comfy seating, an office kitchenette, and some light entertainment option invoke a happier and relaxed atmosphere for your office, leading to more satisfied employees.

Work With Encore Construction

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