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When Healthcare General Contractors Complete Renovations at Active Healthcare Facilities

When Healthcare General Contractors Complete Renovations at Active Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare contractors stay dedicated to project completion and the patient care experience.

When some businesses like retail stores need renovations, they can afford to close up shop while undergoing construction. Some stores may even be partially open for business if renovation work is not intrusive to the day-to-day operations. However, healthcare facilities that need renovations can’t always close during construction because they need to provide continuous and often critical care to their patients.  Healthcare contractors should take into account some special considerations before and during a healthcare facility renovation project. Following these procedures will help to reduce any impediments to the project and healthcare operations.

Inspect the Site Before Construction

Inspecting the work site prior to construction is an important step to any pre-construction phase in order to make sure an accurate project scope and timeline is outlined. Furthermore, this is a chance to uncover specific information. Contractors should confirm locations of utility pipes, valves, etc., and they should discuss any possible space or construction issues with building staff.

Develop a Safety Plan

Healthcare general contractors are hired for their particular attention to medical and healthcare facilities protocols of which other commercial contractors may not be made aware. Thus, the contractors must draft an interim life safety plan to protect patients, staff, and visitors during construction. The plans should outline emergency exits, temporary closed-off areas, and alternative pathways to healthcare services.

Understand Risk Assessment Requirements

Working at healthcare facilities requires general contractors to understand and follow the facilities’ risk assessment procedures. Building representatives should go over the project scope, location of work, positions of temporary barriers, air-quality monitoring, noise monitoring, among other requirements. Planning out the logistics of construction and healthcare operations can help ensure that the renovation work is done safely and doesn’t interfere with patient care and safety.

Communicate With The Project Team

Communication between the contractor, building staff and other parties involved with the project is essential in order to not interrupt the patient care experience. Whether it be to discuss the progress of the project or a potential setback, it’s good to keep everyone on the same page. For example, if a period of the renovation work requires shutting off water to one part of the facility, the general contractor should communicate that ahead of time to healthcare staff and make suitable temporary adjustments to patient care.  

Work With Encore Construction

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