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Restaurant General Contractor Highlights Complexity of Projects

Restaurant General Contractor Highlights Complexity of Projects

Working with a restaurant general contractor throughout all phases of your project can help ensure your restaurant construction project gets finished on-time and on point.

Working with a restaurant general contractor throughout all phases of your project ensures your restaurant construction project finishes on-time and on point.  There can be more than meets the eye when it comes to restaurant construction.  A quality restaurant general contractor can tackle and resolve unique challenges and complexities allowing for seamless and successful completion of your restaurant. In this blog post we’ve touched on three of these challenges: back-of-house complexities, subcontractor coordination, and inspections.  

Back-of-House Complexities

When diners go out and enjoy a meal at their favorite restaurant, they will be there to take in the dining room’s full atmosphere. They admire the decor, the seating, the fantastic food; they aren’t all that concerned with the kitchen. As a restaurant general contractor, we know the back-of-house spaces enable the dining experience for patrons. The commercial kitchen houses all types of cooking and prep stations, which require precise water, waste, electric, and gas line installation. The plumbing and electrical work lay the foundation for all the commercial kitchen appliances and equipment. Therefore, it’s critical these are done correctly. 

Subcontractor Coordination

The restaurant general contractor has a deep understanding of a whole restaurant construction endeavor. As such, they realize how radically different each aspect of the project can be throughout the building. Completing the kitchens or restrooms require far more plumbing and mechanical complexities than renovating a dining area for more aesthetic and interior design requirements — especially for heavily-themed and decorated dining areas. To complete these various areas of the project, the restaurant general contractor must have the capacity to coordinate with several different subcontractors as well as vendors. Their construction management capabilities can keep all builders accountable and on-schedule.

Passing Inspection After Inspection

Restaurant projects face more inspection steps than most other types of construction projects due to precautionary measures needed when it comes to safe food service. A restaurant general contractor needs to ensure that their project will pass multiple areas of inspection several times throughout the project duration. And of course, this all culminates with a final inspection from the health department. A knowledgeable restaurant general contractor knows when and what inspections are required. Then, the contractor manages the project schedule to account for these points of review. Moreover, they’ll know how to resolve any issues promptly. Better yet, they can review the work themselves ahead of an inspection and make the proper adjustments before an official inspector conducts their examination.

Work With Encore Construction

As a premier commercial general contractor, Encore Construction is proud to provide interior and exterior services in Baltimore, Maryland and beyond. We have an impeccable track record, an impressive portfolio, and an experienced team that is ready to tackle your next big project. Our results speak for themselves, and we’re proud of the work we continue to produce for our clients.

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