Retail Construction Trends to Make Your Business Shine

With a new vaccine on the horizon, people are slowly but surely returning to brick and mortar stores, meaning it’s a great time for new retail construction projects. Many people still prefer shopping inside a retail store rather than online. This also allows for ample time to prepare for the incoming wave of physical customers

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Just Completed: Via Roma Restaurant in Camp Springs, MD

We have just completed a brand new restaurant construction project in Camp Springs, MD! Here is the announcement blast, and make sure to sign up for Encore’s email list to see even more finished projects ASAP in the future.

Trends in Healthcare Construction in the COVID-19 Era

The global pandemic has given birth to even more reason to build brand new healthcare construction projects. New doctor’s practices, walk-in clinics, and testing labs are all in extreme demand right now as cases rise. Now with vaccinations slowly but surely becoming available to the public, access to local vaccination centers and testing sites become

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Restaurant Construction: Three Reasons Why It’s Important Right Now

In this COVID-19 crisis, your restaurant construction must excel both in cleanliness and openness to keep your customers and employees as safe as possible. Now is an opportune time to remodel your restaurant. As outdoor dining increases in popularity, it is also a great time to consider redoing the restaurant’s exterior to attract more customers

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Partnering with a Quality General Contractor – A Few of the Many Benefits

General contractors are committed to providing the best service they can to their clients. They are also flexible enough to address any unexpected problems in the construction process as the project takes shape and literally gets off the ground. General contractors can help you ensure that the new commercial building you are expecting meets all

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Avoid These All Too Common Restaurant Buildout Mistakes

Completing any restaurant construction project is no small feat, and this extends to include a restaurant buildout. With a restaurant buildout, you can skip over ground-up construction challenges, but you are sure to face different types of concerns. However, a successful restaurant buildout is possible if you take care to avoid these common mistakes and

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Encore Construction Featured in Maryland & D.C. Construction Journal

Encore Construction was featured in the Fall 2020 issue of the Maryland & D.C. Construction Journal. The article shares information on Encore Construction’s background, spotlights some of our signature projects, and features Encore’s leadership and satisfied clients’ statements. We hope you take a moment to read through the article. In this blog, we’d like to

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Just Completed: Bartaco Restaurant in Arlington, VA

In our latest exciting project update, Encore Construction is happy to announce the recently completed Bartaco restaurant in Arlington, VA. Check out the announcement alert on this project, and join our email list if you haven’t already! This way, you can stay in the loop with our latest projects and awesome clients.

An Office Builder’s Musings on Interior Glass Walls and See-Through Offices

Office builders have seen the rise in popularity of interior glass walls or glass partitions in many office construction and renovation projects. Arguably, using interior glass and see-through offices never went out of style, even during the open-concept office craze. And now, given the new circumstances surrounding the current health situation, barriers and partitions receive

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Factors Affecting The Floor Plan in Restaurant Construction

Each restaurant, even those from the same franchise, can have a unique floor plan. Variations in the floor plan layout happen because restaurant construction differs a lot from project to project. There are a few common factors that influence the floor plan of every restaurant project. Taking these factors into consideration can help business owners

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