Commercial Construction – What’s on the Floor?

Quality craftsmanship during your commercial construction project can help your investment last. Selecting the most suitable materials for your construction project can bring longevity to your space as well. One of those materials is flooring and by making smart flooring choices you can save on future re-flooring costs and stave off the look of wear-and-tear.

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Restaurant Construction – Enhancing the Dining Ambiance

For many people, going out to eat for a sit-down meal is about more than delicious food. Patrons want to take in the overall dining ambiance. The dining experience should leave a desirable impression with diners encouraging them to give positive reviews and return again sometime soon to your restaurant. Encore Construction can help you

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Build Retail Stores to Stay Competitive with E-Commerce

E-Commerce and online shopping have skyrocketed in years. Customers love the convenience and overall shopping experience from browsing and purchasing their orders online.  Along with many retailers having integrated their stores with online platforms, retail construction these days can benefit from delivering a first-rate shopping experience while keeping in mind that customers are becoming more

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Money-Saving Tips for Commercial Renovation Projects

Even a modest commercial renovation project can be expensive. However, there are some ways to minimize expenses while still bringing your vision for your commercial renovation project to the reality you are looking for. The following are a few tips we wanted to share that may help you save some money on your next renovation

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Amenity Ideas for Your Office Building Construction

Companies from all industries these days are concerned with attracting, retaining, and engaging the best of the talent pool. Businesses recognize that one way to show that their company cares about employees is by providing amenities. In return, employee satisfaction improves, as does productivity and performance in many cases. Even choosing just a few amenities

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Fast Casual Chain Restaurant Construction and Design Elements

Fast food chains have given way to fast casual eateries in recent years. A hybrid of fast food and casual dining, fast casual chain restaurants offer customers quick and moderately priced food options when they want a dining experience that’s a tad more elevated than regular fast food. Some of the fast casual restaurant concepts

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Now Open: PM Pediatrics in Elkridge, Maryland

This is the first of three locations that Encore Construction and PM Pediatrics have partnered on together. The urgent care concept specializes in treating children and young adults and has unique themes throughout the interior of each location. Encore has completed a second location in Glen Burnie, MD and we are currently working on a

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When Healthcare General Contractors Complete Renovations at Active Healthcare Facilities

When some businesses like retail stores need renovations, they can afford to close up shop while undergoing construction. Some stores may even be partially open for business if renovation work is not intrusive to the day-to-day operations. However, healthcare facilities that need renovations can’t always close during construction because they need to provide continuous and

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Multi-Dwelling Construction Projects – Some Cost Considerations

Creating apartment buildings, townhomes, and duplexes to withstand time and be appealing to tenants can be challenging and costly. However, with proper preparation and by working with an experienced multi-dwelling contractor, you can obtain solid insight before beginning your project that can help you control costs and also identify potential issues that may arise during

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Restaurant Construction – Let’s Head to the Bar

You’re planning a new restaurant construction project or renovation and you’ve decided to put in a bar. Having a bar area can do a lot for your establishment.  Restaurants can use the bar area for extra seating or as an extension of the waiting area. As with many aspects of restaurant construction, there are a

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