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The Importance of the Pre-Construction Phase for Any General Contracting Project

Learn more about the pre-construction phase, and why it’s so important for a successful job.

Learn more about the pre-construction phase, and why it’s so important for a successful job.

Are you ready to build or remodel your business in Maryland, Washington, D.C., or Northern Virginia? Encore Construction has over 15 years of experience as a commercial general contractor and we know that the earlier all parties can be involved in a project, the better.  Before our team begins the initial build or demolition phase of a project, we do our due diligence. Learn more about the pre-construction phase, and why it’s so important for a successful job.

The Initial Approach

The pre-construction phase sets the tone for any construction project, whether it be a restaurant or an office remodel.  This phase includes assembling a team of trustworthy professionals and meeting with that team regularly to lay the groundwork. During these initial meetings, the team will define their expectations, budget, and the timeline of the project. By working together, the team can ensure that everyone is pleased with the work for the duration of the project.

Project Analysis

As you plan the project timeline, it’s recommended to incorporate team meetings throughout the process. Meet once a week (or more or less depending on the project) to work through project expectations and goals. The Encore Construction team can suggest alternative materials and methods if necessary, and by thorough discussion, the entire team can come to an agreement.

Design Coordination & Development

Whether you have a specific vision for your project or you’re open to new ideas, the Encore team can work with you and your architect to help ensure a seamless process. It’s important to ensure that designs are compliant and will work for your space. During this time, our team will define all costs, qualifications, allowances, and more.

We understand that taking the right steps during the pre-construction phase is important to the success of every project. By working together and doing our due diligence, our team can help reduce the possibility of mishaps and mistakes while focusing on delivering a professional construction project.

Work With Encore Construction

As a premier commercial general contractor, Encore Construction is proud to provide interior and exterior services in Baltimore, Maryland and beyond. We have an impeccable track record, an impressive portfolio, and an experienced team that is ready to tackle your next big project. Our results speak for themselves, and we’re proud of the work we continue to produce for our clients.

We have offices in Annapolis, MD, Ocean City, MD, and Tysons Corner, VA and we are happy to serve the Washington, DC, Baltimore, Northern, VA, Eastern Shore, MD, and surrounding areas. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for news and updates! Do you want to discuss your project with a member of our team? Visit our website, and call us at (410) 573-5050. We look forward to hearing from you!

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