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3 Reasons to Consider Facade Renovation for Your Business

encore construction facade renovation

Natural stone, as pictured here, is an environmentally friendly and beautiful choice for a facade renovation.

When we think of residential homes, one valuable feature is a home’s “curb appeal.” This usually refers to the exterior of the home and its surrounding yard or front property. When a guest first arrives at the home, the first thing they will see is the facade of the property. If the facade looks beautiful and well kept, this will give them a great first impression of not only the home but of the owners. But this concept isn’t just limited to residential homes. Did you know that the same thought process applies to businesses as well? If you feel that your business’s exterior doesn’t need a facade renovation, you might want to think again. On top of that, visual appeal isn’t the only benefit of a renovation. Here are some reasons to consider a facade renovation for your business’s building. 

Facade Renovation Can Improve Energy Efficiency 

Believe it or not, the type of facade renovation you choose for your business can actually keep the bills low. In many older buildings, walls can actually contain tiny microscopic holes that let air from outside in, which can cause a need for more heat or air conditioning. This can usually be fixed by adding a new exterior facade to the walls. By adding a facade renovation, you are essentially adding an additional layer to the walls to improve insulation, which keeps the unwanted cold or hot air out and the desired temperature within. 

Little to No Maintenance Needed

If you own a business, your life is undoubtedly busy. Having to constantly provide maintenance to your facade is probably not a priority. But having an older, aging facade means that you likely face problems like leaks and breakages. A facade renovation can help with this issue, especially if you choose a material like natural stone. Natural stone is a stunning, weather-friendly way to make your business building look great, and it has virtually no maintenance required after installation. 

Reduce Humidity Inside Your Business

Being humid is one of the most undesirable states to be in as a human being. High humidity can also cause interior problems, like mold growth and an increased risk of water leaks. A facade renovation can actually reduce humidity levels inside your business. Humidity can actually come from the water inside the surrounding soil of the property, causing it to leak through gaps in the facade. By replacing the old facade, you can choose a material that prevents the water from being absorbed into the walls. 

Work With Encore Construction for Facade Renovation

As a premier commercial general contractor, Encore Construction is proud to provide interior and exterior services in Baltimore, Maryland and beyond. We have an impeccable track record, an impressive portfolio, and an experienced team that is ready to tackle your next big project. Our results speak for themselves, and we’re proud of the work we continue to produce for our clients.

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