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Restaurant Construction Tips for Outdoor Dining

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Outdoor dining is a great way to let customers enjoy the great outdoors.

During the COVID-19 pandemic restaurants were forced to close for in-house dining. Eventually, after cases started dropping, regulations were loosened up a bit, and outdoor dining was allowed to resume under certain conditions. However, this posed a problem for those restaurants that didn’t have designated outdoor seating. Many restaurants used what they had to keep their business afloat, such as renting tents or even using parking lot space to put tables for customers. Although many restrictions are no longer in place, the result is clear that outdoor dining space can be a great benefit for restaurants. The following are a few restaurant construction tips to consider for an outdoor dining space.

Look into Local Restaurant Construction Laws First

Before looking for a contractor or any design inspo online, make sure to first understand the local laws concerning outdoor restaurant construction. Laws vary depending on property type and location and can even vary by neighborhood within a city. You’ll also need to start looking into permits you’ll need before starting a permanent restaurant construction add-on. There are also some basic things to think about when installing an outdoor property. For example, does your restaurant feature a bar that stays open late? If so, and you want to integrate an outdoor section, you’ll need to check local noise level ordinances after certain hours as not to disturb the surrounding community. Questions like these will need to be considered before even starting any restaurant construction plans. 

What to Do with Space

Once legal matters are in place, and your restaurant construction is cleared to move forward, you’ll need to start designing the actual outdoor space. Obviously, you’ll want to install seating areas and tables for customers. For some restaurants, this is all you’ll need. But for others, you may want more. Think about adding an outdoor bar or server station to improve order speeds, or maybe add a fire pit area for guests to sit around after eating to enjoy a social drink. 

Make it Weather Appropriate

In the DMV, the weather can completely change within minutes. While many restaurants will close their outdoor dining areas during inclement weather, patios are not invincible to the effects of the weather. Purchasing furniture that is heavy enough to avoid being blown away as well as high quality and durable for the area itself is key for your outdoor seating area to endure weather-related events. 

Work With Encore Construction for Restaurant Construction

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