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Considerations for Your Restaurant Floor Plan

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Perhaps you’re thinking about doing some remodeling work to your current restaurant location or maybe you are planning to open a brand-new restaurant?

Perhaps you’re thinking about doing some remodeling work to your current restaurant location or maybe you are planning to open a brand-new restaurant? Keep your floor plan in mind as there are a number of elements to consider in order to create a floor plan that will work best for your restaurant. Consider layouts that will be efficient and effective for everyday use. In today’s environment also keep in mind any social distancing requirements and remember to make your restaurant accessible for all your guests. The following are just a few of a variety of things to consider for your restaurant floor plan.

Fundamental Elements of a Sensible Floor Plan

Think of the floor plan as a map. It’s similar to the plan you would see before a new house is built. Every element under your roof is accounted for and the flow of foot traffic is also factored in. Areas included in the proposed floor plan design are the kitchen, the appliances, tables, seating, and the entranceway.  In addition, waiting areas, bars, bathrooms, and staff break rooms also need to be considered.

Being Flexible About Layouts and Social Distancing 

One of the problems that continue to plague restaurants and restaurant owners is logistics. Supply chain shortages have caused ingredient procurement issues that can affect everyone from local bakery-cafes to larger chains.  As such, having the ability to be flexible can be key for moving forward successfully. For instance, try your best to have contingency plans in place as things evolve. 

Hopefully at some point soon we’ll be able to go back to the way things were before the pandemic happened. In the meantime, if required, strive for six feet of separation between tables. Emphasize other aspects of your business, such as take-out, drive-through, delivery, and curbside service. Send notifications through texts and apps to decrease the size of the crowd waiting in line to be seated. Lastly, put up partitions for guests and inform everyone whether or not you require masking. 

Emphasizing Overall Accessibility for All Guests  

Accessibility and universal design should be paramount considerations for your restaurant’s floor plan and design process. What does this mean? Make sure to follow local building codes, but also consider if you need to go above and beyond so that your guests with mobility aids, crutches, wheelchairs, etc. are able to access and patronize your restaurant.   

Work With Encore Construction for Restaurant Construction

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