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Amenity Considerations for Multi-Dwelling Construction

Amenity Considerations for Multi-Dwelling Construction
Encore builds multi-dwelling constructions with amenities that cater to your residents’ lifestyles.

High-end apartments entice renters and retain residents by providing high-quality amenities. In a competitive real estate market, offering the right perks and facilities can make your multi-dwelling construction project stand out from other properties. Certain features can foster a convenient and fun living environment, prepared for work and play. Amenities can genuinely create a sense of community and help residents develop a deeper appreciation for where they live. Make sure to offer well-built standard amenities as well as a few useful extras to provide residents an enjoyable living experience for years. Here are a few community amenities to consider for your next multi-dwelling construction project.

Fitness and Well-being Facilities

Plenty of multi-dwelling constructions include gyms and swimming pools. It’s important to construct these facilities with care to endure years of use. To elevate these amenities, add fitness rooms for dance, yoga, and/or pilates, and organize community classes and events there. Saunas and hot tubs, when used correctly, offer health benefits and can make any facility feel like it has its own spa. 

Greenery and Garden Spaces

A community of multi-dwelling buildings should incorporate green spaces throughout the property. Especially in urban areas, a well-kept green space serves as a beautiful place to escape from city life where greenery can be sparse. Apartment residents who have a green thumb would also appreciate tending to a community garden.

Work From Home Amenities

Multi-dwelling construction communities generally have a leasing office that doubles as a community gathering space, outfitted with lounges, desks, and desktop computers. Constructing a pleasant community space to cater to those that work from home is a big plus to many apartment-hunters. Even though high-end apartments may be spacious, it still may not be big enough to accommodate a home office. Work-from-home individuals will love the option to work in a common area. Be sure to offer printers, coffee machines, and Wi-Fi too.

In-Building Business Space

Give residents the ultimate convenience by partnering with retailers and/or restaurants. Constructing an in-building business space for coffee shops, quick-service restaurants, convenience stores, or other services on the first floor of the building is beneficial for residents and businesses. Residents will have the convenience of their favorite store or cafe, while the stores have a guaranteed stream of customers coming and going each day.

Pet-Friendly Amenities

Designated dog parks have sprung up in many communities, which can be appealing to residents. Dog-owners want amenities that cater to both their family and their four-legged friend. Dog parks are safe and friendly places to get to know others in the community. More high-end living places may even offer pet spas in the building.

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