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Retail Construction Trends to Make Your Business Shine

Here are a few retail construction trends to make sure it’s better than business as usual when the pandemic ends.

A wide-open, minimalist space is just one of several retail construction trends to increase your business sales.

With a new vaccine on the horizon, people are slowly but surely returning to brick and mortar stores, meaning it’s a great time for new retail construction projects. Many people still prefer shopping inside a retail store rather than online. This also allows for ample time to prepare for the incoming wave of physical customers by sprucing up the business interior. Here are a few retail construction trends recommended by experts to make sure it’s even better than business as usual when the pandemic ends.

Maintain a Brand Story through Retail Construction

When you think of your brand or business, what immediately comes to mind? Hopefully, something more than just the product you sell or the service you offer. The goal is to emphasize and showcase your values outside of the business to the customer through proper brand storytelling. This can be delivered in a number of ways. One is to develop a consistent color scheme, logo, and brand image that can be clearly seen throughout the store. To do this, it’s best to look into what a typical customer might like to see within the store. Try a trendy exterior facade or adding more windows for natural light to attract a younger crowd, and maybe stick with more traditional retail designs for more seasoned customers. 

Increase Convenience

Due to the influence of social media, people’s attention spans are lowering. That’s why it’s really important to have a physical store layout that encourages customers to stay awhile but also be able to leave quickly if they need to. A trendy type of retail construction right now is to build a small store but think of every square foot as usable space. This is an advantageous strategy if your business is based in an urban area where space is already limited. Many of these stores are also located in areas with high populations of young people like college students or recent graduates, who often don’t have much time available to linger in large stores. 

Keep a Minimalistic Design

Most people nowadays aren’t really interested in the neon-lit storefronts jam-packed with items for sale of the past. A minimalistic design is the best option for retailers as not to overwhelm the customer. In terms of construction, try building an angular floor plan that emulates how a person would naturally walk instead of rows of products. Another tip is to make the retail store look more like an extension of one’s home. Wood flooring, a brick exterior, and art pieces like sculptural work can help remind a customer of their home, which can, in turn, make them want to return at a later time. 

Work With Encore Construction

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