The Answers to 3 Common Commercial Remodeling Questions

When business owners and restaurateurs decide to tackle a commercial remodel, they often have many questions. A commercial remodel is a large endeavor, after all, and it can seem like a daunting task to business owners choosing to remodel for the first time. Encore Construction is an experienced general contractor and restaurant construction contractor, and

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Hiring a General Contractor in Washington, DC

Are you in the process of interviewing general contractors for your next restaurant construction or commercial building project? With so many options in the Baltimore, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia area, it’s important to choose the right candidate. Read on to discover five questions to ask the potential candidates.

Encore Completes Interior Renovation for McDonald’s Timonium

Encore Construction has completed its third interior renovation as part of the McDonald’s refresh program. The work at the Timonium location included a complete demo and rebuild of the space, including the addition of new POS kiosks. The project was completed on an accelerated schedule in three weeks. Are you interested in renovating the interior

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The Owner’s Advocate – Qualities to Look for in a General Contractor

At Encore Construction, we believe that restaurant owners, both corporate and independent, are looking for their general contractor to be their partner. Restaurant construction is a complex process that requires both artistry and acute problem-solving skills. The ability of a general contractor to work with stakeholders as a team and their ability to resolve challenges

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Restaurant Construction: How Smart Planning Adds Up

Restaurant general contractors are often asked, “How much does it cost per square foot to build a restaurant?” While the answer depends on a variety of factors, the ultimate cost depends heavily on a strong understanding of your lease, good communication, due diligence, and proper planning.  Here are some quick tips on lease negotiation and

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Why Should I Hire a General Contractor for my Interior Building Project?

Are you planning a commercial interior building project in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia and/or Ocean City, MD?  Hiring a quality general contractor can ensure success. Learn how to plan your upcoming project, and discover the benefits of hiring an experienced general contractor.  

NOW OPEN: America Eats Tavern by José Andrés

Encore Construction partnered on their 4th project with José Andrés and Think Food Group on their newest America Eats Tavern location in the heart of Georgetown, 3139 M St, NW.

The Pre-Construction Phase: Due Diligence

When it comes to building or remodeling a restaurant, the pre-construction process is just as crucial as the construction phase. It’s important to practice due diligence and to bring an experienced general contractor to your new site to inspect the space and identify potential issues before they become significant problems. Learn more about due diligence

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Finding a Reliable Commercial General Contractor in Southern Maryland

Encore Construction has recently completed a new HomeGoods project located in California, Maryland. The project consisted of new storefronts, façade, structural steel shoring, new structural columns, and footings to remove an existing structural CMU demising wall, raising of the existing slab on grade approx. 3’, new roofing, all new MEP and an all-new fire sprinkler

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