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Office Building Construction – Let’s Shed Some Light

Office Building Construction – Let’s Shed Some Light

If your company is undergoing an office building construction project, make sure to take a look at your lighting plan.

If your company is undergoing an office building construction project, make sure to take a look at your lighting plan. Lighting impacts office workers’ productivity and focus, which affect any business’s bottom line. Additionally, the goal of lighting in office building construction isn’t as straightforward as maximizing the amount of light. Instead, it’s about achieving the right balance of lighting and giving control to occupants to go about their everyday tasks. The following are just a few sources of light and lighting devices we wanted to share with you today that can be used in your office building construction plan.

Natural Light

Ask any building designer or office builder, and they’ll tell you about the immense value of natural light. For most office workers, natural lighting is the best mood and productivity-boosting source of light. Office building construction plans try to incorporate several large windows to let in as much sunlight as possible. However, it’s just as important to plan the layout of the workspace to put workstations near the windows. Realistically, natural light can’t be the constant and single source of office lighting, so you must pair it with the right system of artificial lighting.

Artificial Light

In years past, fluorescent and incandescent lights were used to light up buildings. Fortunately, office building construction projects try to use energy-efficient LED lights whenever possible. LED bulbs produce energy-savings and are used as part of compliance strategies to meet modern building codes. In office settings, LED lights are ideal because of the white color temperature emitted by the bulbs. It’s less straining on the eyes since most office settings require workers to use computers all day.

Lighting Devices

You may want to install different lighting devices throughout different rooms or areas of the office building construction project. These devices are geared toward creating more comfortable and flexible ambient lighting, as well as help companies save energy and costs. Dimmers and automatic daylight sensors can adjust the lighting level in a room, such as a conference or presentation room, to accommodate the necessary activities at the time of use. Motion-detecting sensors can also be installed with your lighting system. When a device senses there aren’t any occupants for a period, they can turn off the lights automatically.

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