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Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Construction Contractor

Ask the questions before hiring your commercial construction contractor

Are they the right commercial construction contractor for your business? Find out with these questions.

You’ve done your research and narrowed your search for a commercial construction contractor on your business’s next project. The commercial construction process can go smoothly with the right contractor, ultimately saving you time, money, and headaches.

At your meeting with the potential contractor, you will want to ask them a few questions to make sure your business partnership will be beneficial to your construction project. Their answers are early indicators of whether you are hiring a reliable construction contractor or if you would be better off looking elsewhere. 

Asking the contractor the right questions will lead you to the right company, so your business will get the best results. 

These are some of the key questions we recommend you ask your commercial construction contractor:

What background does your company have?

You want to hear their pitch for why they believe they are the best fit for your project. This means they will have the right skills and experience in their background to deliver the results you want from a commercial construction contractor. If their background falls in line with your project needs, they likely will have the expertise to get your job done right.

What timeline can I expect for a project like mine?

Similar to the first question, asking for a timeline of the project means you can see if the contractor has had the experience of working on a project like yours. Their business should be able to give you a reasonable schedule that accounts for potential delays and provides realistic deadlines.

Are the cost projections estimates or fixed?

Experienced commercial construction contractors should strive to get 3 or more bids per trade in order to help give you an accurate estimate of your project’s costs.  A contractor may also have some fixed costs for their projects as well. However, make sure to discuss these fixed costs with the contractor and have them assure you that these fixed costs will not fluctuate for your project.  Knowing the fixed costs and the estimated costs per trade for your project will help you to budget appropriately and minimize surprises during the project.

How is your safety record?

The contractors should take care to avoid commercial construction mistakes that can result in losses to business or injury to workers. If the commercial construction company can keep a good safety record, that is likely a sign of a competent contractor to work with.

Work With Encore Construction

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