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Restaurant Construction – Let’s Head to the Bar

Restaurant Construction – Let’s Head to the Bar

Adding bar seating to your restaurant? Check out these tips first.

You’re planning a new restaurant construction project or renovation and you’ve decided to put in a bar. Having a bar area can do a lot for your establishment.  Restaurants can use the bar area for extra seating or as an extension of the waiting area. As with many aspects of restaurant construction, there are a variety of elements just for the bar to keep in mind that can help foster both a smart beginning and a successful outcome for your project.  The following are a couple recommendations that we’ve put on tap that can help create an inviting space and get folks to head to your bar.   

Work with Space Constraints

Mapping out the layout of any dining space is key to any restaurant construction. You’ll want to avoid surprises, like not having enough seating or enough counter space to eat and drink comfortably. The bar space in a restaurant can be fitted to the side of the dining room or showcased in the middle. Whatever your arrangement might be, space will be smaller than other restaurant floor areas. Plan your seating and leave enough elbow room for patrons too. Further, make sure there’s enough space built behind the bar for servers to work and store bar items.

Keep Servers and Service in Mind

Plan the bar space to accommodate your staff to do their jobs. Does the bar have an accessible path to the kitchen or rest of the dining area? Will servers need to squeeze behind each other to get to workstations or cash registers? Not only is it unsafe to work in cramped spaces, but your service could suffer too. Customers will notice when it takes a while for servers to refill drinks because the staff keeps bumping into each other to get what they need. If possible, ask your service staff for their input on what can make them do their jobs better.

Create a Spot Customers Want

Customers will frequent restaurants that are welcoming and comfortable. This idea goes the same for bars. Does the entrance leading up to the restaurant or bar area seem inviting to guests? Even if the only options are bar stool style chairs, make sure you choose ones that will be comfortable for diners while they enjoy their food and drinks. In addition, consider the amount of lighting that will create a relaxing atmosphere while at the same time allow customers to read the menu.

Work With Encore Construction

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