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Restaurant Construction – Pros and Cons of Booth Seating

Restaurant Construction - Pros and Cons of Booth Seating

Using booth seating is typically the best way to maximize your restaurant construction floor space. Yet, fixed furniture can cause some inconveniences.

One choice, among many, that restaurant owners need to make is how to optimize dine-in seating at their establishment.  This includes deciding if fixed booth seating has a place in their dining room. While one should take into account being able to offer customers a variety of seating, how practical is it to install booth seating in a restaurant construction project? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the booth seating situation.

Pro: Space-efficient

Using booth seating is typically the best way to maximize your restaurant construction floor space. It sets a predetermined amount of space per party. Plus, the fact that the furniture is anchored in place means customers aren’t going to move around and mess up your table layouts. Booth seating works well for the perimeter of the dining areas, even in sometimes finicky corners.

Pro: Fit more patrons

With the space-efficiency booths can offer restaurants, you can accommodate more diners and their small-to-medium sized groups. During peak hours like lunch and dinner rush, this could translate to higher profit earnings since you can seat more parties in your establishment.

Pro: Offers some privacy

Depending on the design and size of the booths, the high backs can offer booth-sitters a feeling of privacy. Regardless of the size of your restaurant or the number of other diners and wait staff around, booths feel a little quieter and a tad more intimate. Some customers like some seclusion while dining.

Con: Less-flexible layout

Fixed furniture can cause some inconveniences. While not entirely inflexible, it does make it challenging to clear away the dining room for large parties or private events. You’re less able to rearrange seating layouts, not to mention needing renovations to remove the fixed seating.

Con: Larger or elderly guests may find them unaccommodating

This may be less of a concern if you offer enough alternative, more accessible seating. However, it’s worth mentioning that not all guests will feel comfortable getting in or out of booth seating, especially if they’re living with some mobility limitations.

Con: Potentially lower table turnover

Booths can be an inviting place to sit.  However, there is a chance this might work against you. People may stay longer in booth seating being more comfortable and enjoying each other’s company. Lingering guests could reduce your table turnover rate.

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