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Trends in Healthcare Construction in the COVID-19 Era

Here are some smart and economical ways to build healthcare construction projects during a time when people need them most.

As vaccinations slowly become available to the public but cases continue to rise, healthcare construction projects are needed more than ever.

The global pandemic has given birth to even more reason to build brand new healthcare construction projects. New doctor’s practices, walk-in clinics, and testing labs are all in extreme demand right now as cases rise. Now with vaccinations slowly but surely becoming available to the public, access to local vaccination centers and testing sites become increasingly important to nearby residents. There is a huge demand for these centers but little supply. Some cite the lack of space to build as a major problem. But that isn’t necessarily true. Here are some smart ways to build healthcare centers during a time when people need them the most.

Repurposed Retail Establishments

Some old office buildings or retail stores have sat vacant for far too long. Perhaps they closed due to the pandemic’s economic toll, or the tenant decided to go fully remote. But these now vacant spots can become prime real estate for healthcare construction. Anywhere within a few miles of a hospital or other major healthcare establishment is now extremely desirable for any healthcare center. Experienced construction contractors can help to convert virtually any building or storefront into a healthcare office to serve the general public. Not only does repurposing eliminate the need to build a whole new property that has ecological costs, but it’s also usually much more cost-effective, which is imperative at times like these. 

Build in Urban Areas

A common trend in recent years was to move to the city to avoid long and tedious commutes to the workplace. Now, most office workers living in the city are working from home. There is also a large portion of city-dwellers that work essential jobs and must show up in person. Either way, the increased capacity of people in cities means that they are a prime target for the spread of COVID-19. As most know, it is difficult to leave the city for many people who do not own cars or rely on walking, biking, or ridesharing. This is why it is very important to build adequate healthcare centers directly inside of cities. There are plenty of vacant retail spaces all over any city that would be perfect for housing a healthcare center for the local residents.

Patient Satisfaction

Of course, patients are the backbone of any healthcare construction idea. Healthcare is a service, after all. Good service will keep patients coming back. A nicely designed building can add a certain level of comfort to patients, especially if they are there because of COVID-19 concerns. Current trends include larger, more open waiting rooms with amenities like televisions, planned outdoor spaces, and windows in most rooms help to make a more pleasant experience for patients and healthcare workers alike. 

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