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Commercial Kitchen Construction –Stations and Storage

Commercial Kitchen Construction –Stations and Storage
The commercial kitchen construction of most restaurants are efficiently organized into different stations with specific storage requirements.

Functionality should be integrated into the design and layout of your new commercial kitchen construction. Building the workspace with the necessary kitchen uses in mind will make the whole operation more efficient. Whether you’re building a fast-casual eatery or a fine dining establishment, the commercial kitchen construction for a restaurant will more than likely include the following. Here’s a few thoughts on the functionality and efficiency of kitchen stations and storage. 

Food Prep Station

Depending on the space availability and the menu, several food preparation stations may be incorporated into commercial kitchen construction. Each prep station needs access to counter space, tools, and storage containers. For food safety reasons, there should be separate stations for raw ingredients to avoid cross-contamination. Prep stations are best placed near the refrigerator or other food storage areas of the kitchen allowing for easy access to ingredients. 

Cooking Station

The cooking station can be made up of a variety of different cooking appliances. Commercial kitchen appliances can take up a lot of space. So, allocate your kitchen spacing accordingly to fit the equipment while at the same time allowing ample space for chefs and cooks to move around. In general, the cooking stations will have burners, ovens, fryers, and other appliances. Therefore, try to organize the layout so the food items can go from the prep station to the cooking station to the service station in a straightforward path.

Service Station

The service station is often where the final plating gets completed and the servers pick up the finished dishes. Keeping this station closest to the dining room eliminates the need for servers to venture deep into the kitchen. In fact, a crowded kitchen is uncomfortable and could lead to accidental injuries. 

Washing Stations

There should be at least two separate washing stations in each commercial kitchen: one for food items and one for dishes. While the washing station for food can be built in proximity to the food prep station, the dishwashing station is better kept further away from the bustle of the cooking and servicing stations. Remember, a restaurant goes through many dishes, utensils, and plenty of cookware. The station will require dishwashing machines, large sinks, and a section for drying the dishes.

Storage Units

Lastly, every kitchen needs plenty of storage. Perishable items are kept in large and/or walk-in refrigerators and freezers. Keep dry goods and spices in a pantry until they are needed. There should also be a storage system for place settings, cooking tools, and serving dishware. Further, you may even want to consider having designated spaces for the most frequently used items as this could help reduce traffic back and forth through the kitchen.  

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