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Fast Casual Chain Restaurant Construction and Design Elements

Fast Casual Chain Restaurant Construction and Design Elements

What do your favorite fast casual restaurants, like Newk’s Eatery or Zoës Kitchen, have in common?
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Fast food chains have given way to fast casual eateries in recent years. A hybrid of fast food and casual dining, fast casual chain restaurants offer customers quick and moderately priced food options when they want a dining experience that’s a tad more elevated than regular fast food. Some of the fast casual restaurant concepts that Encore has completed include Newk’s Eatery, Zoës Kitchen, Le Pain Quotidien, and Au Bon Pain.  

As fast casual restaurants have sprung up everywhere, a variety of construction and design trends have emerged. Chain restaurant construction is usually concerned with keeping everything efficient and consistent. Read on to see what design elements make up these popular fast casual chain restaurant construction projects.

Floor Space Flow

Moving customers through the fast-casual eateries means getting them through the line and on their way as quickly as possible. Efficient floor space design is integral to directing the traffic flow to the menu, then the register, then the dining area. Construct the entranceway to lead into where the line begins. Have menu boards visible as soon as diners get in line so they can speed up their decision making. Beverage dispensers, utensils, napkins, and condiments should be stationed at the end of the line to indicate which direction the queue is headed.

Dining Area Size

It’s important that you provide ample tables and seating to accommodate plenty of fast casual diners. However, keep in mind that the seats will have a lot of turnover anyways because customers are looking for quick bites. An excessively large dining area won’t be necessary for most chain restaurant constructions. In fact, all those empty seats could be a bad sign to potential customers.

Opened Kitchen

Fast casual meals imply better and fresher food. Constructing the kitchen so that it is partially exposed to customers shows transparency with delivering the fresher meals. Diners like to see their plates being prepared to know what exactly is going into their food. Plus, open kitchens showcase more action and add liveliness to the dining experience.

Elevated Branded Design

It’s important to keep in mind that customers are paying slightly higher prices than fast food places because they are paying for quick service and fresh food as well as the elevated dining atmosphere. The overall design elements of the establishment should create a comfortable and enjoyable environment to grab something to eat. As with all chain restaurants, make sure the designs can be replicated consistently across all chain locations.


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