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Healthcare Construction: Waiting and Reception

Healthcare Construction: Waiting and Reception
Thoughtful healthcare construction projects must focus the attention to creating welcoming waiting areas, which are just as important as the clinical areas.

Healthcare construction and renovation projects will have a strong focus on the exam rooms and clinical areas. Along with the clinical areas, the overall comfort and visiting experience of the patient should be taken into consideration. The waiting and reception area can set the tone for their visit. Providing a comfortable and welcoming waiting area can drastically improve the patient’s experience. The following advice can help guide your next healthcare construction or design project regarding your waiting area.

Pleasant Atmosphere

There are a few ways to go about creating a friendly and professional atmosphere. An open layout is more welcoming and relaxing than a cramped space. This also leaves room to change up the seating and furniture arrangements to maximize space. Ample lighting is key to the design as well. Natural light, warm LED lights, and even standing or table lamps offer a more soft and comforting feeling.  Also, opt for neutral and calming paint colors, like beige, light blue, light green, or even gray. While epoxy flooring is prevalent in most healthcare facilities, it would be appropriate to use commercial carpet in the waiting area. Carpet flooring can help reduce noise for patients and the receptionists or physicians at work.

Accommodating Patients

Your medical office will see a variety of patients, so you should try to be accommodating to their preferences and needs with your healthcare construction project. Some patients may prefer the entertainment of television, while others may enjoy some quiet reading when waiting for their appointment. The waiting room should ideally have enough space and minor separation (such as a half-wall or arranged seating) to cater to different preferences. There should be a variety of seating for visitors of all sizes. In addition, different seating arrangements should be available to let families sit together or give some privacy to the individual visitor. Single-user restrooms for visitors should be wheelchair accessible.

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