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Design Elements for Façade Renovation

Design Elements for Façade Renovation
What do you want your façade renovation to say about your business? First impressions are everything!

The storefront design of any commercial business makes a significant impact. When the business exterior shows signs of age and disarray, retail stores and restaurants alike need a smart façade renovation. A well-maintained storefront influences customers’ first impression, helps your business stand out, encourages people to enter, and keeps your store memorable to patrons. While each buildings’ façade renovation will be influenced by different styles, services, geographical location, and even city building codes, try keeping these essential design elements in mind during your next project.

Window Display

A beautifully presented window display, or window walls, are a key component to many businesses. The transparent storefront allows passersby to glance into your establishment, which can pique their interest and encourage them to come in. The openness of a windowed façade renovation is inviting to customers and gives you the chance to show off the interior of your business.


Effective business signage adds style and expresses the most crucial information to customers. Typically, this information consists of the business name, the location, or the services and products you provide. Designing and installing effective signage helps to emphasize the aesthetic quality of your storefront while enhancing your brand image to pedestrians. Make sure the signs are visible and well-maintained, but not too flashy nor violating any city codes.


Installing the right type of lighting is important, especially to businesses that thrive on the nightlife scene, such as bars and restaurants. During the evening, appropriately lit storefronts signal to the public that the business is open and attract attention against the darkening sky. Retail businesses should also consider ample storefront lighting for their exterior design. Aside from the design possibilities with light positioning and fixtures, many businesses with adequate lighting tend to deter vandals and thieves.

Preserving Original Structures

Depending on your building style or the surrounding neighborhood, restoring and preserving elements of the old building during your façade renovation could be a better way to go. Sure, you want your business to stand out, but you don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb. Moreover, some original structures or building signage may be worth restoring to add unique character to your business exterior. If it can’t be saved, try to replace the structures with similar materials, colors, and finishes.

Work With Encore Construction

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