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Smarter Restroom Design for Any Commercial Construction

Smarter Restroom Design for Any Commercial Construction

Restrooms should not be an afterthought in commercial construction if you want to provide a more user-friendly and safe amenity.

Discussing restroom design is certainly one of the less glamorous and exciting aspects of a building. However, the lavatories should not be an afterthought if you want to provide a more user-friendly and safe amenity. Every commercial construction project, from retail to restaurants to offices, requires restrooms with a varying number of toilets depending on the building occupancy. Over the years, health and commercial construction experts have implemented smarter restroom designs that focus on practicality.

Touchless Technology

Assume all surfaces are dirty when using a restroom even if the building maintenance is (and should be) diligent about cleaning lavatories. In this case, your commercial construction of the restrooms should utilize as many touchless technologies as possible to provide convenience and sanitary conditions for all users. This includes touchless faucets, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, hand dryers, and toilet flushing capabilities. Typically, not needing to touch many things in a restroom puts people’s fear of cross-contamination to ease.

Accounting for Disabled and Aging Population

ADA guidelines for public accommodations do address some design aspects to make restrooms accessible for those with a disability. Further, the designs should also be mindful of older adults that require some considerations. In most cases, it’s a matter of allocating adequate space to maneuver in a single-user restroom or stalls, as well as installing heavy-duty grab bars and handrails. A restroom is prone to wet floors and requires frequent cleaning. Slip-resistant tiles are a safer choice for restroom flooring for all. Additionally, tiles tend to withstand moisture, foot-traffic, and rigorous cleaning routines for years.

Better Layout to Get Out

Keeping with previously mentioned ideas, commercial construction efforts can dictate better restroom layouts when it comes to the hand washing and drying stations. The goal is to seamlessly lead the user out of the restroom while minimizing unsanitary and unsafe issues. After washing one’s hands, they should be able to dry their hands from a nearby paper towel dispenser or hand dryer. This way, the person does not need to move around the restroom with wet hands that drip excess water onto the floors and other surfaces. The smarter design also implies placing the paper towel dispenser, if there is one, close to the exit. This design keeps in mind the most sanitary practice, which is to use a paper towel as a barrier to open the door and discard it as one exits the restroom.

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