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A Brief Look at ADA Compliance in Retail Store Construction

A Brief Look at ADA Compliance in Retail Store Construction

Knowing and following ADA compliant specifications is a must for retail store construction. Trust Encore Construction with your commercial general contracting needs.

All retail store construction and renovation should keep the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in mind when going through the projects. The ADA passed to ensure that people with disabilities would not be left out of participating in everyday activities, including receiving goods and services from public retail stores. If businesses fail to construct areas of their store property per ADA compliant guidelines, they can face legal trouble. Experienced construction companies and contractors take care to meet these specifications. The following are a couple ADA specifications to keep in mind during retail store construction. 

Parking Lots

ADA compliance starts before customers even get to the storefront. If a parking lot is allocated for a retail store’s customers, there needs to be a certain number of accessible parking spaces made available. Moreover, these spaces must also meet the dimensions outlined by ADA Accessibility Guidelines. Depending on the scenario, either the tenant leasing the commercial space or the landlord is responsible for providing the adequate spaces


Curb cuts or curb ramps let people who use mobility devices like crutches or wheelchairs to overcome the curb. Depending on who owns the sidewalk space, parking lot, or street where the retail store construction takes place, different people may be responsible for putting curb ramps in place.

Ramps and Entrance

Changing stairs to ramps is a straightforward approach to making entrances more accessible. A permanent ramp should be installed as soon as possible, but using a portable ramp during the construction period is allowed. Contractors follow ADA Accessibility Guidelines for the permittable size and slope of the ramp. Additionally, if the accessible entrance to the retail store is not in the front, there should be a sign indicating where the accessible entrances are located.

Retail Space

The construction of the retail space needs to account for the product shelves and displays, as well as allocating appropriate space for customers with disabilities to navigate as smoothly as possible. Ensuring there are wide aisles for the mobility impaired and few tripping hazards for the hearing or vision impaired is a start.

Checkout Counter

A couple of measurements help make service and checkout counters ADA compliant. Accessible counters built near the checkout area should be no taller than 36 inches. If the store has existing counters that cannot be otherwise renovated into the appropriate specifications, a separate new counter can be built near the original counter.  Leave enough space in front of the counters for customers using mobility devices to move unobstructed.


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