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The Qualities of a Great Commercial General Contractor

Learn more about due diligence during pre-construction, and discover how Encore Construction can help you plan a successful project.

Finding a trustworthy, talented, and timely contractor may seem difficult, but there are a few key qualities you can look for to help you narrow down your search.

You’ve decided to start a renovation project – you have your idea board, your budget, and more but you need the last, most critical part – a fantastic commercial general contractor. Finding a trustworthy, talented, and timely contractor may seem difficult, but there are a few key qualities you can look for to help you narrow down your search. 


A general contractor should always have experience in every possible aspect of a construction project. Whether it’s designing, repairing, or building; it’s critical that the team you hire knows how every step works even if they are hiring subcontractors. There are several ways to judge experience, including the number of years in operation. You might also look into what certificates, relevant licenses, and awards they have received.  


It’s easier than ever to find out about the reputation of a business. For contractors particularly, when the job is done well people will want to rave about it. As you begin your search, make sure to ask around and do some online sleuthing. Once you find promising leads, you can also check your local department of commerce and the better business bureau. 


When you have a big project you need to be done for your business, and it has to be done on time, you need a contractor who is flexible. Without flexibility, you may find that your project will take longer than necessary and be done in a less creative manner. When a contractor is flexible, they’ll be better able to meet your strict timelines and handle any issues with greater adaptability. 

Listening Skills 

Last but not least, you need to choose a contractor who listens to you and understands how to bring your vision to life. If you encounter a contractor who tells you “that can’t be done” straight out, it may be time to walk away. Any contractor worth their weight will take your ideas and find ways to make them work. 

Work With Encore Construction

As a premier commercial general contractor, Encore Construction is proud to provide interior and exterior services in Baltimore, Maryland and beyond. We have an impeccable track record, an impressive portfolio, and an experienced team that is ready to tackle your next big project. Our results speak for themselves, and we’re proud of the work we continue to produce for our clients.

We have offices in Annapolis, MD and Tysons Corner, VA and we are happy to serve the Washington, DC, Baltimore, Northern, VA, and surrounding areas. Follow us on Facebook,  Twitter, and LinkedIn for news and updates! Do you want to discuss your project with a member of our team? Visit our website, and call us at (410) 573-5050. We look forward to hearing from you!

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