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Tips for when Clients Visit the Construction Site

Tips for when Clients Visit the Construction Site
While we accommodate client visits to construction sites, safety is our greatest priority. Read our thoughts here.

Clients are excited about the progress of their construction or renovation projects. It stands to reason they will want to visit the construction site now and then to monitor the progress and get caught up with the project timeline. Being an upstanding construction contractor and manager, we want to work with clients who are as invested as we are in a project’s successful completion. Safety is key for a successful construction project. The following are a couple safety guidelines to keep in mind when clients are visiting the jobsite.

Schedule the Visit

If possible, work together with your clients to schedule their jobsite visits.  Knowing the day and time of a site visit can help you prepare accordingly. Also, advise clients not to visit the site during off-hours or without supervision. Any active construction site is inherently dangerous, so you want to deter unsupervised visits. When they are there, make sure you walk along with and guide clients and visitors around the job site to ensure their safety. Try to schedule site visits on days when there will be minimal activity. This will help limit exposure to further safety risks.

Tidy Up the Jobsite

A clean construction site makes a better impression on clients and can further their trust in your contracting abilities. Focus on constantly maintaining a tidy workspace. Hazards to address — especially when you’re expecting client visits — may include wet floors or excess construction debris lying around exposed.

Provide Safety Gear

Inform clients and visitors of protective items they may need to wear such as sturdy closed-toe shoes and a hard hat. Be proactive in providing protective gear for your clients to wear and instruct them to keep these items on at all times. Hard hats, safety goggles, and high-visibility vests are an excellent place to start. The items physically protect the visitors and also make it easier to keep track of their whereabouts as they navigate the job site.

Securing the Work Site

To prevent clients or other unauthorized individuals from accessing the work site, keep the site secured during off-hours. This is a given for preventing theft or trespassing by unsavory characters, but it also prevents curious clients from entering and injuring themselves at the worksite. Keeping non-essential areas blocked off during visits will also discourage clients from exploring areas that may be hazardous.

Work With Encore Construction

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