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Workplace Trends to Guide Your Office Construction

Workplace Trends to Guide Your Office Construction

Many of today’s office construction projects try to achieve a particular look for their workplace environment.

While some companies may feel that outfitting their office construction project to resemble a stereotypical start-up may be okay, many of today’s office construction projects try to achieve a particular look for their workplace environment.  The following are a few workplace trends that companies may want to keep in mind during office construction projects. 

Adaptive Spaces

Today’s workers value flexibility. Each workspace can readily be adapted for informal meetings, group work, or more relaxed typing and web researching. While the adaptive potential of the space comes from various furniture and rearrangements as necessary, office construction can cater to this need by using open floor plans with few narrow hallways. 

Build Around Collaboration

Office workers are expected and encouraged to collaborate on projects. Much of the office space, even private offices, will need to optimize for multi-person work. Ideally, all rooms should leave plenty of space to account for additional bodies and furniture that will likely occupy the area. Don’t overlook items like creating ample electrical outlets to power several devices and equipment.

Enabling Tech

Speaking of devices, all workplaces are trending toward a more technologically integrated design. Offices should have a finished and professional appearance, but keep in mind businesses will likely need the infrastructure to support wireless devices, smartboards, screen projectors or monitors, and more. Additionally, modern offices are using smart sensors for automatic light or HVAC management.

Home-Inspired Touches

More office construction projects try to incorporate home-inspired design elements. The move away from traditional white walls, fluorescent lights, and drab commercial carpets leaves the workplace feeling more fresh, comfortable, and with more personality. Office designs take a note from popular home design trends, such as exposed concrete walls or classic hardwood floors. The rest of the design can be pulled together with residential-inspired furnishings, like couches and coffee tables.

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