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Restaurant Construction: Pointers on Painting Process

Restaurant Construction: Pointers on Painting Process

Painting the interior and exterior of a restaurant construction project is a huge deal. Here, we offer some pointers on making this portion of your project a success!

When restaurant construction or renovation has finished work on structural components, the project moves into another prominent phase. Thus begins the task of developing the appearance and visual aspects of the restaurant. Painting the interior and exterior of a restaurant construction project is a huge deal. Here, we offer some pointers on making this portion of your project a success!

High-Quality Paint Makes a Difference

Determining paint colors and the amount needed is planned early on in restaurant construction during the pre-construction phase. During discussions about price figures and budget, one can easily be persuaded to buy cheaper paint brands to save money. The paint job determines a lot of the impact the restaurant’s appearance will have on patrons, so investing in the right paint for your project is a must. You need paint formulas that will apply beautifully and retain their finish for years, especially in a potentially messy environment such as a dining room, the kitchen, and even the restrooms. Flat paints with matte finishes help hide imperfections. Satin and glossy finish paints can reflect light and act as an almost stain and moisture-resistant barrier. This is ideal in environments that need frequent cleaning or wiping down.

Consider Brand Imagery

Whether the restaurant construction project in question is quick-service, fast-food, casual, upscale, franchised, or independent, the paint job will play a critical role in branding and setting the desired atmosphere. In plenty of cases, casual and quick-bite places distinguish themselves with bold color and decor. Conversely, an upscale eatery may want to achieve a more intimate, cozy setting or highlight elegance with its interior and exterior. For those restaurant construction projects, we might expect to see neutral or muted colors of paint, like black, navy, or cream. Some restaurants follow their company brand colors and paint their walls accordingly. Independent establishments have more freedom and creativity with their paint colors, although the choice should still be strategic. For example, health-conscious restaurants may benefit from using earthy colors like green, brown, or blue paints. Dessert-focused restaurants could use more playful and whimsical color palettes, like pinks and orange. 

A Restaurant’s Character

When the restaurant construction project finally comes together, the decor, lighting, seating arrangement, flooring, and other design elements all contribute to a restaurant’s character. Selecting the right paint colors (and wallpaper), knowing where to use color, and expertly painting a wash or patterns drastically alters the mood or ambiance of a restaurant. Regardless of your final shade selection, think about how your paint color sets the stage for your customers’ dining experience. From there, it shouldn’t be too tricky to furnish or decorate the restaurant according to your vision.

Work With Encore Construction

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