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Mixed-Use Building Construction Challenges

Mixed-Use Building Construction Challenges
Mixed-use buildings are appealing to many tenants, but there can be challenges with occupying these spaces.

Mixed-use buildings can be found in several urban areas and are popular among residents looking to live close to where they can work and play. While these buildings can do a lot to stimulate an area’s appeal and economy, living or leasing commercial space can have its difficulties. Careful and strategic construction of these mixed-use buildings or developments can help minimize the possibility of running into some of the following issues.

Fitting In

The building style and façade should more-or-less fit in with the surrounding architecture and neighborhood. This can sometimes take some careful planning, considering many mixed-use buildings tend to be larger-scale constructions to accommodate comfortable living and commercial use. Builds that don’t quite fit into the area can look disjointed, which can lessen the appeal of the space.

Parking Needs

Even those who live in mixed-use buildings will need a place to park their cars. Plus, visitors to the tenants and shops need a convenient place to park as well. Refine your mixed-use building construction plans to include the optimal number of parking spaces. If a parking garage is part of your plan, while it may seem like it’s better to have more than enough spaces, make sure to constantly monitor the construction as costs can quickly increase.

Urban Setting Clashes with Residential Comfort

Living in the city has its perks, but that may come with sacrificing some residential comforts of more suburban areas. For one thing, living in a multi-dwelling building with busy shops below means higher noise levels at any given time. Proper insulation and strategic material choices can reduce noise transfer. Another common issue for mixed-use residents is the city smells. Retail stores and restaurants produce a lot of garbage and waste daily. In close proximity and with poor unit ventilation, this can make living above these spaces an unpleasant experience.

Security for Visitors and Tenants

A mixed-use building will have several people coming and going at all times: residents, retail workers, building staff, visitors, and shoppers. Devising a floor plan that does not impede anyone’s access to the various parts of the building is important, but so is managing the structure’s security. Mixed-use building construction must plan for sensible layouts to separate commercial space visitors from tenant access-ways within the building.

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