A Couple Tips for Restaurant Renovation

A restaurant renovation can be complex, time-consuming, and a significant financial investment.  It’s always a good idea to keep your ear to the ground about tips for the entire process. While there are plenty of tips and considerations to ensure a successful project, today we wanted to focus on the following tips for your next

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When Ground Up Construction is The Way to Go

When we think in terms of the cost of a project, in general, commercial renovations cost less than ground up construction. However, we know the success of your company’s projects hinges on more than what is probably the most cost-effective means to create your desired commercial space. Sometimes, when a business is ready to develop

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Commercial Renovations to Convert Property into Retail or Restaurant

When some businesses undergo commercial renovations, it’s often a rather straightforward process of upgrading and updating the existing building space with the intent of carrying out former operations. When commercial renovations convert properties that previously weren’t used for retail or restaurants into ones that will be, that is a whole other story. Certainly, these types

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What to Look for In a Restaurant Builder for a Franchise Construction Project

Are you developing a new franchise location and in search of the right restaurant builder for the job? Tons of franchisees find themselves in this situation every year. Franchise businesses can be held to more stringent conditions due to their legal obligations to the franchisor. All restaurant construction projects can get complex, so the restaurant

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Office Building Construction – Let’s Shed Some Light

If your company is undergoing an office building construction project, make sure to take a look at your lighting plan. Lighting impacts office workers’ productivity and focus, which affect any business’s bottom line. Additionally, the goal of lighting in office building construction isn’t as straightforward as maximizing the amount of light. Instead, it’s about achieving

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Commercial General Construction Mistakes That Cost You Time and Money

In the world of commercial general construction, project planning and execution mistakes can make you spend more time and money than you expect. Business owners and project leaders must take the care to go about commercial general construction projects smartly. Completing any construction project can get overwhelming and complicated. Luckily, a lot of these challenges

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Restaurant General Contractor Highlights Complexity of Projects

Working with a restaurant general contractor throughout all phases of your project ensures your restaurant construction project finishes on-time and on point.  There can be more than meets the eye when it comes to restaurant construction.  A quality restaurant general contractor can tackle and resolve unique challenges and complexities allowing for seamless and successful completion

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Pre-Construction Steps a Retail General Contractor Follows

When businesses hire a retail general contractor to complete a successful commercial construction project, the contractor’s role takes on a lot of importance before groundbreaking. It’s no secret that a lot of preparation and planning goes into a commercial construction project. A retail general contractor often follows a few critical steps during the pre-construction phase

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Understanding Trends to Optimize a Medical Office Design

There are many ways to improve an office space with better design and high-quality renovations. However, when the project addresses a more specific setting, such as healthcare construction, there arises the opportunity to make changes to reflect evolving industry standards. Optimizing a medical office design becomes easier when you consider modern healthcare workflows and trends

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Restaurant Construction – Pros and Cons of Booth Seating

One choice, among many, that restaurant owners need to make is how to optimize dine-in seating at their establishment.  This includes deciding if fixed booth seating has a place in their dining room. While one should take into account being able to offer customers a variety of seating, how practical is it to install booth

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