An Office Builder’s Musings on Interior Glass Walls and See-Through Offices

Office builders have seen the rise in popularity of interior glass walls or glass partitions in many office construction and renovation projects. Arguably, using interior glass and see-through offices never went out of style, even during the open-concept office craze. And now, given the new circumstances surrounding the current health situation, barriers and partitions receive

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Factors Affecting The Floor Plan in Restaurant Construction

Each restaurant, even those from the same franchise, can have a unique floor plan. Variations in the floor plan layout happen because restaurant construction differs a lot from project to project. There are a few common factors that influence the floor plan of every restaurant project. Taking these factors into consideration can help business owners

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Now Open: Rush Cycle in Alexandria, VA

Our team at Encore Construction is happy to announce the completion and opening of Rush Cycle in Alexandria, VA. Check out the announcement alert on this project, and be sure to join our email list to get the latest updates on our projects and clients. Have a commercial construction or renovation project planned in Maryland,

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3 Keys to Staying on Schedule for Commercial Construction

Simply put, the key to staying on schedule when completing any commercial construction project is being on the same page with everyone involved. This factor alone can set the project up for success. Commercial construction projects aren’t just evaluated by the outcome and finished results; adhering to the budget and timeline throughout the project is

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Indications for Commercial Façade Renovations

As we mentioned in the last blog, retail store design has an impact on the success of a business. The way you present your place of business influences your customers’ decisions and actions in plenty of ways. Indeed, there are signs business owners look for to tell them it’s time for improvements and store renovations.

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Retail Store Design That Affects Customers and Sales

It’s no secret that part of the success of a retail business comes from an excellent retail store design. How exactly can retail store design influence potential customers and impact a store’s bottom line? Some aspects can be based on strategy, and some would argue it is psychology. Whatever the case, these retail store design

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The Open Kitchen Is Here To Stay in Restaurant Construction

When many fast-casual eateries hit a boom in recent years, restaurant construction saw an increase in the open kitchen design. Nowadays, it’s not just fast-casual and quick-service restaurants featuring an open-concept kitchen in their interiors. Plenty of sit-down restaurants and upscale establishments have also started renovating their kitchens to be more exposed to the dining

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Newly Renovated: Western Union Offices in Washington, DC

Encore recently completed a 28,000 sq. ft. 3 phase interior office renovation project for Western Union in Washington, DC. Covid-19 rules and regulations were kept in compliance throughout the project. See our announcement alert and join our email list to know about our updates first!

Post-COVID Outlooks On Office Construction and Design

Our last blog entry explored changes that restaurant construction may undergo in response to COVID-19. Of course, we know multiple industries across the globe and country are facing new challenges and adapting their operations in the face of the public health crisis. Even now, we hear about more and more businesses returning to their workplaces

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How Restaurant Construction and Design May Change For A New Normal

Many restaurants and eateries have adapted their operations and environment in order to welcome back patrons. Restaurant construction and design were once geared toward leisure, comfort, and convenience. Now, considerations for a new normal will influence restaurant construction and design moving forward in response to COVID-19. The dining experience must shift to one that incorporates

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