Restaurant Construction – Pros and Cons of Booth Seating

One choice, among many, that restaurant owners need to make is how to optimize dine-in seating at their establishment.  This includes deciding if fixed booth seating has a place in their dining room. While one should take into account being able to offer customers a variety of seating, how practical is it to install booth

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Office Space Renovation – Project Points

When considering all the possibilities you can achieve with an office space renovation, you can quickly get overwhelmed. With limited time and budget to work around, how do you decide which project areas are worth putting your dollars toward? After mulling over this situation, we’ve created this list of office space renovation projects that prioritize

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A Brief Look at ADA Compliance in Restaurant Construction

As we’ve seen in our recent article exploring ADA compliance for retail store construction, ADA guidelines help keep public establishments accessible to all.  For restaurant construction, there are just as many considerations to keep in mind in order to build an eatery where individuals with disabilities can dine in and/or be employees. Some of the

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Smarter Restroom Design for Any Commercial Construction

Discussing restroom design is certainly one of the less glamorous and exciting aspects of a building. However, the lavatories should not be an afterthought if you want to provide a more user-friendly and safe amenity. Every commercial construction project, from retail to restaurants to offices, requires restrooms with a varying number of toilets depending on

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Advice for Any Type of Restaurant Construction

Many restaurant construction projects follow a couple of core considerations to guide a successful project. Whether the restaurant is a quick-service, fast-casual, bakery café, or fine-dining experience, restaurant owners can benefit from some universal advice surrounding restaurant construction. Encore Construction has extensive experience working with national chains and local restaurants, and we’re ready to assist

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Working With Your Commercial Construction Contractor to Stay on Schedule

For most construction projects, the construction manager can give you an estimate on the project timeline during the pre-construction phase. Based on a realistic timeline, the commercial construction contractor can draft up a work schedule. Having a close-to-concrete idea of when your construction project will be completed lets one plan for business operations, deliveries, opening

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A Brief Look at ADA Compliance in Retail Store Construction

All retail store construction and renovation should keep the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in mind when going through the projects. The ADA passed to ensure that people with disabilities would not be left out of participating in everyday activities, including receiving goods and services from public retail stores. If businesses fail to construct areas

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Mixed-Use Building Construction Challenges

Mixed-use buildings can be found in several urban areas and are popular among residents looking to live close to where they can work and play. While these buildings can do a lot to stimulate an area’s appeal and economy, living or leasing commercial space can have its difficulties. Careful and strategic construction of these mixed-use

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Signs It’s Time for Retail Store Renovations

As a commercial property owner, there normally comes a time for retail store renovations. Making the right changes improves customers’ perception of your business space and keeps your store competitive. Here are some signs your business may need some retail store renovations.

Fast Casual Restaurant Design Trends

Fast casual restaurants normally provide a comfortable and welcoming experience and quick and quality service. Fulfilling customer expectations has led to many fast casual restaurant design trends to emerge. Encore Construction has completed projects for some of these fast casual chains, such as Le Pain Quotidien, Zoës Kitchen, Au Bon Pain and more. The following

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