Commercial Kitchens: Important Considerations

Whether you’re building a commercial kitchen or considering a remodel, the following are a couple of things to take into consideration when planning for your project.

Choosing the Right Team for Your Commercial Office Renovation

  Encore Construction has over 30 years of experience as a general office contractor and office construction firm. Our team has worked with many office buildings throughout Ocean City, Baltimore, Southern Maryland, Washington, D.C., and beyond. We understand that renovating an existing office space can be a stressful endeavor for your company, but we’re equipped

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Is It Time for a Commercial Kitchen Remodel?

Commercial restaurants require efficient, well-designed spaces in order to maintain a successful operation. With an efficient kitchen, the business can provide product and service to the best of its abilities. How is the kitchen in your restaurant?  It might be time for a commercial remodel.

How to Ensure the Success of a Restaurant Construction Project

Construction and renovation for business is always a daunting process, but for restaurants, it can be especially stressful. Not only do you need to be sure that your project will run smoothly, but you need it to be done in a timely enough manner that you will ensure your business is not hurt. Luckily, it’s

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The Qualities of a Great Commercial General Contractor

You’ve decided to start a renovation project – you have your idea board, your budget, and more but you need the last, most critical part – a fantastic commercial general contractor. Finding a trustworthy, talented, and timely contractor may seem difficult, but there are a few key qualities you can look for to help you

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Restaurant Construction: Smart Beginning, Successful Outcome

At Encore Construction, we stress to our clients that the easiest way to a successful outcome is a smart beginning. In this blog, we’ll share some of our best insight regarding teamwork and planning in the commercial restaurant business.

NOW OPEN: Newk’s Eatery at Annapolis Towne Centre

NOW OPEN: This Newk’s Eatery restaurant at Annapolis Towne Centre started over a year ago with Encore assisting the owner with lease negotiations and pre-lease budgeting. Before you sign a lease, contact Encore. We can help to identify your risks, control your costs, and avoid surprises prior to the lease execution and design commencement.

Restaurant Construction: Tips to Prevent Surprises from the Start

There is always room for error during a restaurant construction project, but there are certain steps you can take to prevent surprises. First and most important, assemble a team of talented and trustworthy professionals. The core team members you want to have in place are typically your broker, attorney, architect, and contractor. A good way

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Is it Possible to Eliminate a Change Order?

In today’s economy, construction budgets for projects of all types are tight. More than ever, the Encore Construction team hears owners expressing their concerns regarding change orders and cost overruns. Read on to learn more about change orders, how and why changes occur, and some ways to manage or even eliminate them altogether.

Get Your Restaurant Project Started on the Right Track

Even before signing a lease, restaurant projects involve many moving parts.  Before you sign a lease, try to involve the entire project team. Team members may include but are not limited to, your broker, architect, and general contractor. By focusing on how the team can work together, the wide range of duties and responsibilities can

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