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Commercial Renovation: Repurpose Old Buildings

Commercial Renovation: Repurpose Old Buildings
With commercial renovation, you can transform beautiful old buildings into the newest hot spot for your business.

Have you considered repurposing an old building for your new commercial space? Strategic commercial renovation on an older existing property could benefit you. Here are a couple thoughts on repurposing an older building for your new space.

Preserve Original Structures

Older buildings may have been built with specific materials or in a particular design style that’s one of a kind. Incorporating these original, unique features will preserve a building’s beautiful design for years to come while lending it’s aesthetic to your property. For instance, rustic hardwood floors and/or brick masonry work in the structure can be a precious design element for your project.

Cost Savings

A commercial renovation is often less expensive than a ground-up construction project if you can capitalize on the existing property structure and location of the site. You will more than likely need to bring the building codes up to standards, add components such as retail floor space and/or a commercial kitchen, and incorporate your decorations and furniture. It may seem like a lot, but it can take less work, time, and resources than starting with a brand new ground up site.

Fits With New Businesses

Some businesses, like retail stores or restaurants, fit perfectly into repurposed buildings. Generally, these are smaller businesses that want to achieve a certain “old-school” ambiance with the existing structure. A few updates can transform a space that is perfect for quirky bookstores, antique shops, or cozy bars and cafes.

The Old Attracts New

Fixing up a rundown and vacant property while preserving its cultural and historic look can attract attention from potential customers. People will be excited and interested in seeing well-preserved elements of the building’s history and original look, with the ease of mind knowing the property is safe and up to modern standards. Restoring a building’s appearance brings new life to the property and keeps it relevant with the surrounding neighborhood. 

Work With Encore Construction

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