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Pre-Construction Steps a Retail General Contractor Follows

Pre-Construction Steps a Retail General Contractor Follows

A retail general contractor often follows a few critical steps during the pre-construction phase to work out strategies for success with stakeholders.

When businesses hire a retail general contractor to complete a successful commercial construction project, the contractor’s role takes on a lot of importance before groundbreaking. It’s no secret that a lot of preparation and planning goes into a commercial construction project. A retail general contractor often follows a few critical steps during the pre-construction phase to work out strategies for success with stakeholders. Working with a retail general contractor paves the way for smooth project completion.

Building Space Assessment

The existing structure or building space needs examination at the very beginning. Many commercial spaces get fit out with cosmetic construction to suit a retailer’s brand or look. This step of the pre-construction phase can give insight into the full scope of the retail construction or renovation project. At this time, the retail general contractor assesses infrastructure systems like electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. They determine if these need attention during the actual construction process.

Design Planning

Once major structural issues are identified, design plans go into development. The retail general contractor works with the client to create the blueprints for the new space. At this point, input on layout, spacing for equipment or furniture, ADA compliance, and more from the retail representative is extremely useful. The goal is to visualize the final space as best as one can with the design plans.

Establishing Roles and Responsibilities

There are different stakeholders in a retail construction project: the contractor, the property owner, and the retail representative (or business owner, who isn’t always the property owner). Everyone comes into an agreement as to who has what roles and responsibilities throughout the construction phase. Working together is the key to maintaining everyone’s best interests.

Budget and Building Schedule Review

A budget can be challenging to nail down. However, it’s essential to create a close estimate and break down the project costs. With all the planning that has gone into the pre-construction phase so far, all stakeholders should be on the same page with the proposed preliminary budget. Budgets should leave room for uncertainties and uncontrollable factors that may come up. However, a proposed budgeting plan can keep builders on track and limit costs for the client. Similarly, a construction schedule should be mapped out and agreed upon before construction begins. Again, this holds all parties accountable for making progress throughout the project. 

Work With Encore Construction

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